Jan 26.15
Iphone Happiness
| 3584 clicks |

Jan 26.15
Judge Willie Stroker
| 29267 clicks |

Jan 26.15
Recall On Defective Bullets-New Inferno Bullets Made
| 4505 clicks |
For The Serious Bullet Lover In You-New High Tech Bullets Are Selling Like WildFire

Jan 26.15
Awesome Baseball One Handed Catch
| 3615 clicks |
Catch A Ball Like A Boss-Like A Big Boss

Jan 25.15
Joke Breast
| 23715 clicks |

Jan 25.15
Things You Rather Not
| 3565 clicks |
Things You Really Rather Not Pee See

Jan 25.15
Moscow Highway Billboard Hacked To Show Porn
| 1864 clicks |
An unemployed 40-year-old man from the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk has been detained for the offence, reports Kommersant daily.

Jan 25.15
CRAZIEST MASH-UP-50 Cent Meets Tap Dancing
| 2583 clicks |
We Have No Words To Describe This LOL OMG LMAO ROTFL etc..

Jan 25.15
Get The ........Off Of Me
| 2722 clicks |
Jaywalking Teen Walks Into The Strong Arm Fist Of The Law

Jan 24.15
Better Get Checked For The Swine Flu
| 24378 clicks |

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