Oct 26.14
Cheap Women
| 7449 clicks |
Believe Us ..This Guy Got Off Lucky
Because It Will Definitely Be Cheaper In The Long Run

Oct 26.14
Worst Planking Fail Ever
| 3164 clicks |
Never Plank On An Oven
Because This WILL Happen
You Will Get The Crap Knocked Out Of You

Oct 25.14
What Your Tattoo Says About You
| 4832 clicks |
Be Careful Where You Put It--You May Be Sending Out The Wrong Signals

Oct 25.14
Porky Pooper
| 21445 clicks |

Oct 25.14
Cadbury Eyebrows
| 13154 clicks |
Kinda creepy... but a fantastic ad.

Oct 25.14
Funny Fashion Makeover
| 9012 clicks |
Pretty funny video about how lame these fashion shows can be!

Oct 25.14
Trust Is For Fools
| 2106 clicks |
You Gotta Learn You Just Can't Trust Everyone
And This Poor Girl Finds Out The Hard Way!

Oct 24.14
Better Get Checked For The Swine Flu
| 24125 clicks |

Oct 24.14
| 39269 clicks |

Oct 24.14
The Sneeze
| 10809 clicks |
A new advertising campaign urging South Australians to get a flu shot has been launched. This advert by the South Australian Department of Health has a high yuck factor but a very serious message.

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