Nov 25.14
The More You Play With It, The Harder It Gets
| 24109 clicks |

Nov 25.14
Better Get Checked For The Swine Flu
| 24208 clicks |

Nov 25.14
Student, 15, Suspended For Passing Gas
| 4103 clicks |
A Polk County teenage student has been suspended from school because he intentionally passed gas, according to school officials.

Nov 25.14
Ninja Finally Caught?
| 4318 clicks |
No Ninja Can Ever Be Caught-No Matter How Many Police Try To Take Him Down

Nov 24.14
Scool Field Trip
| 41848 clicks |

Nov 24.14
| 4854 clicks |
Of Course It Has

Nov 24.14
Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock
| 13212 clicks |
This guy will never be late!

Nov 24.14
Cadbury Eyebrows
| 13245 clicks |
Kinda creepy... but a fantastic ad.

Nov 24.14
Man Sprays Clothing On Women
| 3150 clicks |
What Will They Think Of Next
Grab A Nude Model And Try It

Nov 23.14
Can't Find What You're Looking For?
| 2601 clicks |
Obviously There Must Be A Good Reason

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