Mar 31.15
Freeze! Give Me All The Burgers
| 28450 clicks

Mar 31.15
Hot Or Not?
| 28300 clicks

Mar 31.15
Funny Cats And Funnier Dogs Viral Videos
| 4339 clicks
Dogs Don't Fall For The Same BS Cats Do

Mar 31.15
Ninja Finally Caught?
| 4511 clicks
No Ninja Can Ever Be Caught-No Matter How Many Police Try To Take Him Down

Mar 30.15
Admit It
| 10151 clicks
When you shut off the lights in the basement, you get the hell out of there.

Mar 30.15
Quick! Someone Call The Police
| 37645 clicks

Mar 30.15
Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock
| 13487 clicks
This guy will never be late!

Mar 30.15
Australian Wrestles Kangaroo From Family Home
| 3963 clicks
When a dark intruder smashed through his bedroom window and repeatedly bounced on his bed, Beat Ettlin at first was relieved to discover it was a kangaroo.

Mar 30.15
Charlie Sheen Brutally Honest Interview
| 2654 clicks
Charlie Sheen Asks What Does "Mean" Mean

Mar 29.15
Dirty Dirty License Plate
| 24561 clicks

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