Dec 18.14
Dig Em Up
| 34013 clicks |
Weird License Plate For A Hearse

Dec 18.14
The Sneeze
| 10919 clicks |
A new advertising campaign urging South Australians to get a flu shot has been launched. This advert by the South Australian Department of Health has a high yuck factor but a very serious message.

Dec 17.14
I Was Bashed With A Dildo...
| 23860 clicks |

Dec 17.14
Don't Act Like A Boss--Be A BOSS
| 3307 clicks |
Being A Boss 101

Dec 17.14
Man Accused of Stealing Guns From Parked Cop Car
| 1834 clicks |
Corpus Christi police didn't have to go far to examine the scene of one crime - the theft of guns from a police car.

Dec 17.14
Who Said You Need Hands?
| 3142 clicks |
Myth Buster-You Need Hands To Play The Piano

Dec 17.14
With Skype You Can SEE ... With This App You Can TOUCH
| 1129 clicks |
New Phone App Lets You Touch That Person You Are Missing Who Is Far Away From You Online And With Your Phone.
With Skype You Can SEE ... With This App You Can TOUCH

Dec 16.14
F The Police
| 28587 clicks |

Dec 16.14
| 7352 clicks |

Dec 16.14
Powersliding Is Not A Crime
| 17406 clicks |
If you dig this video, powerslide your way down to the Santa Monica Pier where Levi's will be hosting the 3rd Annual Powersliding Competition on April 15th. I expect you ALL to be there, even if you've never touched a rail. There's gonna be some intense sliding, live music and other fun stuff.

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