Mar 29.15
Peeing In Public
| 29116 clicks

Mar 29.15
Happy Ending Massage
| 77923 clicks
Wow! Talk About Massages Dreams Are Made Of-Just The Way You Dreamed Of With All The Extras...

Mar 28.15
Ouch... Anyone Have A Good Dentist?
| 25733 clicks

Mar 28.15
Things You Should Not Ask Your Girlfriend
| 5250 clicks
Definitely Not The Answer He Was Looking For
Kinda Opens Up Some Other Questions

Mar 28.15
For The Animal Lover In You -Jingle Bells
| 3487 clicks
Remember the "We Are The World" Video Collabo, well these Animals Outdo It With Their Own Jingle Bell Collaboration

Mar 28.15
Why Slow Motion Is SWEET
| 12834 clicks
Hot Girl + Water Balloon + Slow Motion = Wow!

Mar 28.15
Obama Vs Romney The Rap Battle You Missed
| 1141 clicks
There's Winning And There Is WINNING. This Rap Battle Goes Hard

Mar 27.15
The Answer... In The Mall Maybe
| 3349 clicks
The Question...

Mar 27.15
What Your Tattoo Says About You
| 5160 clicks
Be Careful Where You Put It--You May Be Sending Out The Wrong Signals

Mar 27.15
Cadbury Eyebrows
| 13445 clicks
Kinda creepy... but a fantastic ad.

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