Oct 20.14
Hooters Girl
| 72276 clicks |

Oct 20.14
Crazy Naked Man
| 25440 clicks |

Oct 20.14
Free Hugs Prank - $2 Deluxe Hugs
| 49957 clicks |
This guy tries to compete with a hippie giving away free hugs by charging two bucks for a deluxe hug.

Oct 20.14
Rapping To God
| 949 clicks |
Porch Banister plus Pen plus Humming plus Lyrical Genius That's all this guy needs.

Oct 19.14
Not OJ
| 21350 clicks |

Oct 19.14
What Really Happened In The Garden Of Eden
| 3619 clicks |
Figured It Was Something Like This

Oct 19.14
Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock
| 13129 clicks |
This guy will never be late!

Oct 19.14
Cut That Sweet Tooth Out With This New Candy
| 7277 clicks |
This New Candy Will Cut Out That Annoying Sweet Tooth.
Share It With Friends

Oct 19.14
This Is How You Do It
| 2355 clicks |
Time To Conquer Your Inner Feminine Side
And Be An Extreme Sports Maniac

Oct 18.14
What Is She Doing? WTF
| 4020 clicks |
One Thing----She Is Doing It Well

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