Oct 24.14
| 39257 clicks |

Oct 24.14
Massive Paint Fight For Samsung Corby
| 7330 clicks |
For the launch of the Samsung Corby S3650 phone this massive paint fight was held in Sao Paulo. Over 200 people took part and the fight lasted 40 minutes, used over 2,000 litres of coloured paint and took 12 fire trucks 3 days to clear up!

Oct 23.14
Katies Crotch Rd
| 11806 clicks |
How would you like to live on this road?

Oct 23.14
Porky Pooper
| 21437 clicks |

Oct 23.14
Man Accused of Stealing Guns From Parked Cop Car
| 1778 clicks |
Corpus Christi police didn't have to go far to examine the scene of one crime - the theft of guns from a police car.

Oct 23.14
Good Cop, Naked Cop
| 12311 clicks |
Time for interrogation!

Oct 23.14
Funny Cats And Funnier Dogs Viral Videos
| 4031 clicks |
Dogs Don't Fall For The Same BS Cats Do

Oct 22.14
NYPD Blow Up Doll
| 36400 clicks |

Oct 22.14
Things That Make You Lose Your Appetite
| 4769 clicks |
Oh Yeah! This Is One Of Them

Oct 22.14
Best Drummer You Have Ever Seen
| 5950 clicks |
How To Play The Drums With No Drums-An OMG (One Man Gig) Video

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