Oct 30.14
Scool Field Trip
| 41756 clicks |

Oct 30.14
Things That Make You Lose Your Appetite
| 4795 clicks |
Oh Yeah! This Is One Of Them

Oct 30.14
How To Break A Board-NOT!
| 4558 clicks |
If Only We Could See In The Future We Would Not End Up FAIL Stars

Oct 30.14
Fire Prevention Fail Video-SDR
| 3398 clicks |
We Thought SDR Stood For Stop Drop and Roll But It Seems It's The FAIL Acronym For Stupid Dumb Retards

Oct 30.14
Why Black Friday Is Called Black Friday
| 3633 clicks |
Biggest Sale Day Of The Year Is, "Black Friday" And It Brings Out The Best Deals And Best Fights

Oct 29.14
Quick! Someone Call The Police
| 37315 clicks |

Oct 29.14
Be Afraid... Very Afraid
| 25257 clicks |

Oct 29.14
How To Blow Something Up In Style
| 2817 clicks |
Now This Is Blowing Up A Bus Like A Boss

Oct 29.14
100 Greatest Top Videos And Youtube Hits
| 3415 clicks |
Dedicated To The People Who Have Been Hiding In A Cave, Under A Rock With Their Hands Over Their Ears

Oct 29.14
Craziest Ad You Ever Saw In Life-
| 1967 clicks |
Yes It Is But Somehow You Won't Believe It Until You See It..Then You Will Be Like...
"This Is The Craziest Ad I've Ever Seen!!*

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