Feb 01.15
What The Internet Would Have Been Like
| 3860 clicks |
This Is How It Could Have Been If The Internet Was As Widely Used In The Past As It Is Today

Feb 01.15
Happy Meal Forever
| 3598 clicks |
How Long Does An Happy Meal Stay Happy

Jan 31.15
She Loves The Statue
| 24481 clicks |

Jan 31.15
Homely Child Turns Into Hot Celebrity
| 5653 clicks |
You Will Never Believe Who This Ugly Duckling Grew Up To Be..No Sirree

Jan 31.15
Ain't Nothin Wrong... Is There?
| 13001 clicks |
This Vice Principal has his hands full trying to set some school dance boundaries.

Jan 31.15
Man Puts Finger In Gas Tank, Gets Stuck For Hours
| 2790 clicks |
A Michigan man has learned not to stick his fingers in certain places.

Jan 31.15
One Night Stand
| 10495 clicks |
One night stands last longer then you want them too...

Jan 30.15
What A Night!
| 33199 clicks |

Jan 30.15
Porky Pooper
| 21760 clicks |

Jan 30.15
Baby Misspeaks
| 16985 clicks |
Or maybe, she knows exactly what she's saying!

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