May 05.15
"Moms" They Are The First To Know
| 4591 clicks
Freudian Slip Of The Text Finger?

May 05.15
Orange Monkey Hologram Gigs
| 8552 clicks
Featuring Pixie Lott, N-Dubz and Tinchy Stryder as they embark on the first ever multi artist hologram gig to be staged in the UK.

May 04.15
Joke Breast
| 24125 clicks

May 04.15
| 20345 clicks

May 04.15
Man Puts Finger In Gas Tank, Gets Stuck For Hours
| 2938 clicks
A Michigan man has learned not to stick his fingers in certain places.

May 04.15
Incredible And Awesome Shadow Fighting
| 3175 clicks
You Ain't Seen Nothing Like This Type Of Shadow Fighting. Oh It's More Than "Awesome" It's AWESOME!!

May 04.15
Why Slow Motion Is SWEET
| 12939 clicks
Hot Girl + Water Balloon + Slow Motion = Wow!

May 03.15
Ouch... Anyone Have A Good Dentist?
| 25874 clicks

May 03.15
Yale Student Sues Airline For $1M Over Lost Xbox
| 2665 clicks
A Yale University student from Ohio has filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million from US Airways for a video game console he says was taken from his luggage.

May 03.15
Happy Meal Forever
| 3781 clicks
How Long Does An Happy Meal Stay Happy

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