Nov 28.14
You Got Served
| 3583 clicks |
Yes You Did Valerie

Nov 28.14
Things You Rather Not
| 3432 clicks |
Things You Really Rather Not Pee See

Nov 28.14
Man Puts Finger In Gas Tank, Gets Stuck For Hours
| 2746 clicks |
A Michigan man has learned not to stick his fingers in certain places.

Nov 28.14
Awesome Baseball One Handed Catch
| 3512 clicks |
Catch A Ball Like A Boss-Like A Big Boss

Nov 28.14
100 Greatest Top Videos And Youtube Hits
| 3493 clicks |
Dedicated To The People Who Have Been Hiding In A Cave, Under A Rock With Their Hands Over Their Ears

Nov 27.14
| 13845 clicks |
Oh You Know What Britney Spears Is Doing Now

Nov 27.14
Cheap Women
| 7550 clicks |
Believe Us ..This Guy Got Off Lucky
Because It Will Definitely Be Cheaper In The Long Run

Nov 27.14
Man Wrongly Jailed For 27 Years Walks Free... Is Hit By A Taxi
| 3034 clicks |
The man released after spending 27 years in jail for a murder he did not commit has spent his first weekend of freedom in hospital after being hit by a taxi.

Nov 27.14
| 2002 clicks |
Relationships Are Hard Even In The Animal Kingdom
No Good Cat Daddy - Just No Good!!

Nov 26.14
Can't Find What You're Looking For?
| 2612 clicks |
Obviously There Must Be A Good Reason

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