Dec 21.14
Music To Soothe The Savage Beast
| 3328 clicks |
This Song Was Done With The Sounds Of Actual Wolves.
Autotune Is Not Just For Humans-Amazing Videos

Dec 21.14
Mike Epps Goes Off On Process Server
| 2556 clicks |
Process Server Get's Attacked For Serving Court Papers At Mike Epps Show

Dec 20.14
Big Pussy
| 34863 clicks |
A neurotic nice-guy struggles to find the confidence to tell the girl he loves that her vagina has an... odor. (It's classy I swear)

Dec 20.14
Wow-Real Or Fake You Vote!
| 2792 clicks |
If This Is Real --It Is Awesome
If It Is Fake-----It Is Incredible

Dec 20.14
The CatFax
| 2625 clicks |
Show Me Your Catfax

Dec 19.14
Paper Camera Stop Motion
| 5398 clicks |
A camera that is made out of paper takes fun pictures ! This is a paper version of new NX10 camera and with this, I made a stop motion.

Dec 19.14
Trust Is For Fools
| 2195 clicks |
You Gotta Learn You Just Can't Trust Everyone
And This Poor Girl Finds Out The Hard Way!

Dec 19.14
| 2061 clicks |
Relationships Are Hard Even In The Animal Kingdom
No Good Cat Daddy - Just No Good!!

Dec 18.14
Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock
| 13297 clicks |
This guy will never be late!

Dec 18.14
The Sneeze
| 10930 clicks |
A new advertising campaign urging South Australians to get a flu shot has been launched. This advert by the South Australian Department of Health has a high yuck factor but a very serious message.

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